Doll Parts

SoCal’s Premier All Female 90’s Grunge and Alternative Cover Band! The members met in a juvenile detention center. The only thing these girls had in common, besides lengthy rap sheets and a love of loud grunge music, was the view they shared of an abandoned doll factory across the yard. Every day while plotting their escape, which often consisted of digging out of the yard with their sporks, they would look out at that old factory with its crumbling walls and peeling paint and they knew that they were not unlike the dolls inside that had been long forgotten and unfinished. And now years later, holding onto their scars, disowned parts and distant memories of an era in music that was raw and beautiful and undone, the DOLL PARTS bring the 90’s back from the dead with an un-tethered stage show and the pumping fierceness of Dolls Gone Wild.

Hear some of their 90’s awesomeness on Reverbnation.