Shitting Glitter

A rich past of playful, bitchy tough sound is rising up in the now of Shitting Glitter . With a sensational ensemble of players, the device this pretty band employs is still candy. It’s still wrong. And it’s now delightfully driving, like a pink triple cocktail on a dirty beach. Don’t get a sunburn, just relax with the solace of your radio and the surfy moves of flip females. Ride the wave. SPF 50 + recommended.
Years of music precedes them. Shitting Glitter has played a ton of shows and written and recorded a shitload of original music (several used in soundtracks, compilations etc). Live all over CA (primarily LA, West Hollywood, San Francisco, San Diego, Long Beach, Bakersfield etc), in WA, OR, NM, AR, NV, NY, Canada, Iceland to anywhere from 1 to 40,000 people. Some of them are pissed, most of them are freakishly excited. Feel free to inquire if you would like details of our sordid past.