Wendy Ho

Our Fabulous Nasty Woman host, Wendy Jo Smith, better known as the foul mouthed, hilarious singer/comedian and rapper Wendy HO- is the number one “female drag queen” in the country and a Billboard top 10 comedic recording artist. Her music has been covered by queens worldwide, chances are if you’ve been to a drag show, you’ve heard her music. She most recently was the only biological female cast member on The Divas of Drag Tour  proving it doesn’t matter what’s under your dress a QUEEN IS A QUEEN!

In 2014 her “Greatest Shits” album ran on the top 10 Billboard comedy charts for over 3 months alongside comedians like: Sarah Silverman, Louis CK, and The Lonely Island.  She has also been impersonated by Jennifer Coolidge on Ryan Murphy’s Nip/Tuck, in their take on Wendy Ho’s original song and video “Bitch, I Stole Yo Purse!