Nasty Woman Concerts on KX93.5, The Inner Journey

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, Nasty Woman Concerts co-founder, Susan McKenna and Nasty Woman beneficiary board chair, Chris Baldwin of the L-Project Los Angeles, appeared on the popular talk-radio show hosted by Greg Friedman, The Inner Journey on KX93.5.  Joining in the conversation was Nasty Woman Concert Series headlining act, Kelly Mantle,  and the popular author, actor and fabulous Tarot Card reader and healer, Ginny McMath.  It sure was a great political, informative and interesting journey!

Have a listen:


KX93.5, which is the only FM radio station in Laguna Beach, is also accessible online at: The station’s mission is “To connect Laguna Beach and worldwide listeners with an open-door policy that allows the exposure of “Generational Alt Rock” musicians, non-profits, and community causes.”